• AUTUMN 2023 | Exhibition

    AUTUMN 2023 | Exhibition

    I'll have four photographs of plants in A Pinelands Portrait: Art of the Pine Barrens at Stockton Art Gallery, curated by Kate Ogden, from September to November 2023.

  • SUMMER 2023 | Exhibition

    SUMMER 2023 | Exhibition

    I have two diptychs at the Stockton Art Gallery for an exhibition of alumni works.

  • AUTUMN 2022 | Artworks Consigned

    AUTUMN 2022 | Artworks Consigned

    Four of my photos were up at the Stockton registrar, thanks so much for the printing, installation shots, and opportunity, Ryann Casey!

  • SUMMER 2022 | New exhibition

    SUMMER 2022 | New exhibition

    Five of my photographs will be consigned to the collection at Ocean Club Condo where they will be on view throughout the summer, starting in May 2022.

  • JANUARY 2022 | New exhibition

    JANUARY 2022 | New exhibition

    Five of my photographs will be up at the Stockton Art Gallery for the 2022 Visual Arts Alumni Triennial, showing through April 5.

  • NOVEMBER 2020 | New Exhibition

    NOVEMBER 2020 | New Exhibition

    Two of my photographs, one from Iceland and one from the Adirondacks, will be up in Hammonton 19-21 Nov 2020 at The Elements Show, a pop up exhibition.

  • SEPTEMBER 2020 | Emmy Nomination

    I am included in a 2020 Mid-Atlantic Emmy nomination with the the production team at PCK Media in the HISTORIC/CULTURAL– PROGRAM/SPECIAL category for State of The Arts: The Atlantic City Show. See more over at State of the Arts' blog.

  • MAY 2020 | Article published

    I have a new article up for State of the Arts.

    Wendel White explores issues of social justice and black history through photography. In this Q+A, he discusses how sharing art virtually increases access and expands conversations.

  • MAY 2020 | Article published

    I interviewed Jed Morfit for SOTA, a highlight:

    Do you have any advice for artists who are being impacted by the pandemic?

    I would point them to this headline from The Onion: “Man Not Sure Why He Thought Most Psychologically Taxing Situation Of His Life Would Be The Thing To Make Him Productive”.

    Read more.

  • DECEMBER 2019 | Thesis published

    My MA thesis for Literature, Media & Culture at the University of Iceland, "Adderose: A Contemporary Exploration of Queer Representation in Sensation Fiction" has been published over at Skemman.

  • APRIL 2019 | Conference lecture in Reykjavík

    APRIL 2019 | Conference lecture in Reykjavík

    On April 17, I'll be presenting a lecture at Háskóli Íslands on the implications of Victorian social politics upon queer representation. Also there'll be free coffee.

  • SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER 2018 | Articles published

    SEPTEMBER - NOVEMBER 2018 | Articles published
  • SEPTEMBER 2018 | Travel Article Published

    SEPTEMBER 2018 | Travel Article Published

    I recently moved to Reykjavík - check out my new travel article up on Travelade, which highlights three beaches in Iceland. My photographs are published there as well. Click here for A Guide to Iceland's Beaches.

  • JUNE 2018 | New Exhibition

    JUNE 2018 | New Exhibition

    I'll be showing two photo prints at the Triennial at Stockton Art Gallery. The show will be up 6.23 – 8.2.18 with a reception on 6.23.18 from 1-3pm.

  • MARCH 2018 | Monmouth Arts Festival

    MARCH 2018 | Monmouth Arts Festival

    Here I am teaching chilly students about cyanotypes in my alternative photographic processes workshops. Thanks Monmouth Arts! It was a fun couple of days.

  • MARCH 2018 | Teaching Workshops

    I'm a Teaching Artist at this year's Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival! I'll be teaching Mastering Cyanotypes: A Photography Workshop at Brookdale's CVA building March 15-16.

  • JAN - MAY 2017 | Art Exhibition

    JAN - MAY 2017 | Art Exhibition

    I have two landscape photos in RAW 2017 at the Noyes Museum in Hammonton, up until May 1.

  • NOVEMBER 2016 | Article Published

    NOVEMBER 2016 | Article Published

    Or Does It Explode Magazine published an article of mine regarding the arts and sciences, featuring photographs from my recent Catskills project.

    [Link: A Call to Art by Mae Kellert]

  • JUNE 2016 | Article Published

    JUNE 2016 | Article Published

    I wrote an article about how my muses affect my artistic process, published at Or Does It Explode, an online arts and culture magazine.

    [Link: A Modern Muse by Mae Kellert]

  • MARCH 2016 | Art Exhibition

    I have a photograph in the current exhibition at Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, along with several alumni and professors from Stockton University. The exhibition will be up from March 4th - April 6th, with the opening reception being on March 5th from 6-9pm.

    [Link to exhibition information here]

  • JANUARY 2016 | Photograph Published in NJ Journal

    An image I took during the Non-Public Relay Championships for NJ Milesplit was used as a photo cover for the New Jersey Journal. Always exciting to see the sport promoted.

  • JUNE - NOVEMBER 2015 | Art Exhibition

    A series of my bas reliefs and three of my photographs will be a part of the Triennial Alumni Exhibition at Stockton University, from June 15-November 3, 2015. A wine reception will be held on October 10 from 1-3pm.

    [Poster and Information Here]

  • JULY 2015 | Prints Donated to PAWS Charity Music & Art Shore

    Recently donated a bunch of photo prints to "BlowTheScene.com Presents: PAWS, A Night of Music, Art & Animal Love" - all proceeds go to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. Ryann Casey is super awesome and this is a great cause with some artists I greatly admire so check it out if you're able to!

    [Poster and info here]

    [Facebook event here]

  • MAY 2015 | Assisting with Manuela Guillén

  • MAY 2015 | Reliefs Donated to Permanent Collection:

    Recently I got the opportunity to send these three hexagonal reliefs to a really great organization called Hopeworks 'n Camden, which helps youth in Camden receive their GEDs and gain experience towards careers and college. I got to tour and meet some of the kids and staff, and they are just a beautiful, intelligent, impressive group of humans. They also have a beautiful art collection, and the talented and just overall awesome Anne Delaney Pushkal gave me the chance to donate some of my sculpture and become a part of it. It all just truly makes me excited and appreciative to be an artist. Check out hopeworks.org to learn more!

    [Image from Hopeworks]

  • DECEMBER 2014 | Upcoming Exhibition & Reception:

    New show! I'll be in a group portraiture exhibition called RAW at the Noyes Museum at Hammonton, NJ this winter.

    Reception: December 18, 6-8pm
    Exhibition runs from: December 4 - February 8

    [Show Poster and Information]

  • OCTOBER 2014 | Upcoming Exhibition & Reception:

    New show! Curated by the talented Danielle Adelaide Jonas, I'll be in a group show called Worlds at LBIF this October.

    Reception: October 11, 5-7pm
    Exhibition runs from: October 6 - November 14

    [Show Information]

  • OCTOBER 2014 | Upcoming Reception:

    I'll be at the "In the Works | Heads Up" reception in the Noyes Gallery in Kramer Hall in Hammonton, NJ. I've got a plaster bust in this show, and I am participating along with some very talented sculptors. The reception will be on Thursday, October 16 at 6pm, which also happens to fall on a Third Thursday, so definitely come if you are able to.

    [Gallery Information Here]

  • SEPTEMBER 2014 | I've been honored:

    Recently I've been honored with the 2014 Al Gold Memorial Award for an image in my photography series, Containers, along with the very talented artists Clayton Rossner, Janelle Wilson, and Alex Rivera. The image has been purchased with the fund for my alma mater's collection.

    [Winning Image]

  • JULY 2014 | I've been written about:

    New article about me in the Stockton Distinguished blog, thank you so much!

    [Article can be found here]

  • MAY 2014 | I've Been Featured:

    Recently my Silk portfolio has been featured, showcasing my fiction, nonfiction, sculpture, and photography!

    [Article can be found here]